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Overpricing In Cyprus

Dear Consumers Union
I wish to report a case or profiteering
My wife purchases a certail product in Cyprus at the chemist for 50 euros. it is called 'Clear Blue Ovulation Test Kit'.
We found it on line for £12.99 Sterling, plus £7 delivery to Cyprus = 22 euros total :
Over half price ! I wonder what the markup for this product is for the importer and distributor ?
I think this is a case of blatant overpricing and profiteering. the chemists know that you will pay this price no matter what, and so they charge ridiculous amounts. I have found the same thing with vitamins, asprins etc.
We are now buying all our cosmetics via this website (www.chemistdirect.co.uk) as it is much cheaper. Maybe you should concentrate some efforts into convincing Cypriot consumers to shop more via the internet. then maybe the local businesses will realize they have to charge fairer prices.
have a good weekend
Brgds John Ioannou

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